Brian Ferdinand: Promoting Your Vacation Rental on Social Media

Brian's Social Media Thoughts

Advantages of Social Media

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It’s easy to create a Facebook page or an Instagram account for your vacation rental. What’s difficult, though, is keeping those “likes” and to keep viewers engaged. As a small business owner, you have to strike a perfect balance between promoting your place and alienating those who would otherwise be inquiring about it. While there are no hard and fast rules to leveraging social media, there are however certain rules of online etiquette that have to be followed in order to maintain a good level of customer interest.

Before you post content across different social media platforms, keep in mind the following tips:

Post Engaging Content

Facebook and Instagram users tend to be more visual than the average fellow on Twitter. A study conducted in 2011 concluded that photos saw the most engagement such as “likes” or “loves” on Facebook, followed by videos. This means that, yes, you should totally post photos of your vacation rental. On top of that, though, you could also post shots of the surroundings. Is there a lake nearby? Is there a short film festival happening next month? Since you are in the business of selling rentals, you might as well suggest things to do while they’re staying in your place. While you might not get bookings today, the photos will help build a mental image in your viewer’s mind, one that won’t let go until he or she presses “Confirm Booking”.

Frequency Is Key

People like looking at pretty things, like your vacation rental up in Sturgeon Bay in the middle of spring. What they don’t like looking at, though, are pictures of the same house from different angles on an hourly basis. The rule of thumb here is to post at least once a week, or once a day at most. This will strike the balance between flooding your feed and maintaining a marginal presence on social media. You can also schedule posts up to six months in advance, which is perfect for queuing photos of stunning autumn foliage while spring has yet to set in, and will take care of social media presence while you are out on your own hard-earned vacation.

Realize Your Reach.

Here’s something Facebook won’t tell you when you create a page: your posts won’t reach all of your fans. In fact, Facebook will only post a photo or video to only a fraction of your fans’ timelines. The good part is that, given enough engagement, your posts will also reach friends of your fans. Having just a handful of fans or followers is not a reason to give up on promoting your vacation rental on Facebook; this is all the more reason to come up with and to post enticing original content. So keep snapping those photos and shooting your videos; you’ll never know where your next booking will come from.

Brian Ferdinand has over 15 years of experience in advanced marketing methodologies and technologies. Apart from working as COO for Vacation Rentals LLC, he is also an entrepreneur.