Using Rich Media to Attract Views

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Rich Media

Hello, dear readers. This is Brian Ferdinand. Today, we’ll take a look at something that is so ubiquitous that it’s often taken for granted: rich media. Among the things that fall into this category are audio clips, video, music, animation, and virtual reality. Rich media was formerly the domain of those who could afford the storage server space and bandwidth needed to host it. Now, because of the presence of social media networks and high-speed broadband Internet connections, uploading and playing these kinds of content has become faster and easier.

Here’s how to determine if your business will benefit from using rich media in its websites and social media accounts:

Who is your target audience? There are certain observations that don’t bear repeating: younger audiences are more attracted to rich media than older ones, a consumer audience with spare time is more likely to watch rich content, etc. However, the lines are increasingly being blurred between business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) when it comes to the use of rich media content for promotions. Nowadays, with the number of tech startups and crowdsourcers looking for the next big thing, all it takes sometimes is one viral video featuring a product with the potential to become a disruptive force.

Does it add value to your brand? How does the use of a video clip help sell boutique hotel rooms during the off-peak season? It does by showcasing the benefits of checking into the hotel when it is not too crowded, such as having the beachfront all to one’s self. While a simple essay or photo slideshow could do the trick easily, a video says so much more than mere words.

Does it enhance user experience? I never get tired of telling this story I heard from a Filipino friend: a funeral parlor back home once offered live feeds of wakes and even interments for the benefit of those who cannot pay a visit to their departed loved ones. At first, I thought it was a bit senseless, then my friend explained to me that they are family events and people, even the most distant relatives, are expected to fly home for the ceremonies. The use of live feeds served as a way for those who are otherwise unable to visit to connect with friends and relatives they have not seen in a long time, and to at least be there in spirit. Come to think of it, this concept does make a lot of sense for many service industries.

Of course, good rich media content does require a bit of investment. While storage space and bandwidth have all but become free thanks to YouTube and Facebook Videos, the production itself costs a pretty tidy sum. Audiences are now more discerning about the things they choose to click, so if you are going to employ rich media to promote your business, make sure that you get the services of a trusted videographer or animator.

Brian Ferdinand has over 15 years of experience in advanced trading methodologies and technologies. Apart from working as COO for Vacation Rentals LLC, he is also an entrepreneur. If you wish to get in touch with Brian Ferdinand, please contact him through this website.