About Brian Ferdinand

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Real Estate Investor

Brian Ferdinand is a well-respected entrepreneur and visionary with decades of experience as a real estate investor and business consultant. Throughout his career, Brian has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise of all facets of both residential and commercial real estate ownership by investing in and managing properties. Additionally, Brian has a vast understanding of the fast-growing vacation rental sector. His resilience, ethics, and commitment to excellence have served as shining beacons guiding the values he chooses to demonstrate personally and professionally.

Today, Brian leads CorpHousing Group, a national, short-term apartment rental operator that assembles and manages proprietary “Class A” multi-family real estate throughout the country. As managing partner, Brian is responsible for spearheading the overall company business vision and strategy, with a focus on expanding the group’s portfolio into new markets and premier brand positioning. Brian’s vision and commitment have expanded CorpHousing reach in major U.S. metropolitan cities. Today, CorpHousing Group operates offices in New York City, Miami, and Alexandria VA, and manages property units in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Miami Beach, Miami, FL; Denver, Seattle, L.A, and San Francisco. Further utilizing Ferdinand’s professional influence, he also serves as an owner and operating partner of SoBeNY. This national hospitality marketing company provides luxury, short-term rental accommodations for travelers in core urban neighborhoods. SoBeNY was launched to manage and promote CorpHousing Group’s inventory of high-quality rental assets, providing for the unique ability to control the quality of its portfolio.

Brian’s early business acumen led Brian to a career in proprietary trading, where he worked through the ranks before developing his proprietary trading firm, ECHOtrade, LLC, from the ground up. Under his leadership, ECHOtrade grew from a single employee to more than 900 licensed traders working globally across 13 offices. He also engineered its direct market access on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Brian’s firm became the first Merrill Lynch and NYSE client to accomplish this feat. Brian’s success and style were consistently recognized for dedication to innovation and unique automation strategies, which led to new models at ECHOtrade and the generation of more than $400 million in trading profits over four years.

Brian Ferdinand consults on various tech and finance projects, working with startups, and established companies to optimize growth and profitability. An avid real estate investor, Ferdinand is also a business consultant and entrepreneur. As an avid learner and believer in continual professional development, Brian enrolled in the post-graduate revenue management program at Cornell School of Hotel Administration.