Brian Ferdinand on the Overlooked Significance of Social Media for Customer Care

Ferdinand Social Media

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Hello, dear readers. This is Brian Ferdinand. Today, let’s look at the untapped potential of social media for delivering on-time customer service to millions of consumers who are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms.

With a lot more consumers now turning to the Internet for everything they need, and a lot more becoming increasingly tech-savvy; it’s a puzzle why businesses haven’t jumped on the bandwagon in terms of providing their consumers with immediate and even relatable customer support.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that only an average of 11% of businesses with an online presence respond to customer concerns, and even then, it takes them approximately ten hours to reply! That’s way too long to keep a customer waiting, in my honest opinion.

While businesses may be active on social media in terms of posting updates about their products, services, events, and other related information, they are not as active when it comes to interacting with their consumers—followers who reach out to them for questions or concerns.

Businesses may have a Customer Support link on their websites but the same survey indicated that consumers often turn to social media for their concerns instead of going to the business’ official website.

Going back to responding to customer concerns ten hours after the concern was raised on social media, it was also discovered that on average, customers wait approximately four hours before giving up on being, at the very least, acknowledged for their concern. And for every three consumers, one is more likely to switch to your competitor in hopes of receiving better customer service.

The bottom line is that social media can be your friend or foe—depending on how you utilize it. I recommend that you take another look at your social pages and really see them for what they are; a tool for providing excellent customer care to your loyal patrons and winning over new ones.

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