Brian Ferdinand: Why Content in Digital Marketing is Everything

Digital Marketing 101: Content is Still the Most Critical Component

Brian Ferdinand: Why Content in Digital Marketing is Everything

Modern marketing

Brian Ferdinand has over 15 years of experience in advanced trading methodologies and technologies. Apart from working as COO for Vacation Rentals LLC, he is also an entrepreneur.

On social media pages and official websites of businesses, whether over the web or with a mobile app, consumer behavior is primarily influenced by what they read. Content marketing greatly differs from advertising copy that you print or publish, or air on TV and radio stations. Where these usually blatantly advertise a specific product or service, online content takes a more subliminal approach; often talking about a particular concern or need in detail and providing recommendations for solutions (most of the time).

But there’s more to content than simply addressing a specific need, discussing relevant issues and subliminally promoting your product or service. You need to create content based on the platform they will appear in, and the general user behavior on that particular platform.

In other words, if you are writing content for mobile accessibility, you need to create mobile-specific content. For the Web, you can include more details or write a longer version of the mobile content. But whether for the Web, mobile, or even social media, the content needs to be packed with useful information. This is where your content team will come into play.

Facts matter

Your team needs to know your audience inside-out. And always, research data if you are going to include statistics, surveys or studies to emphasize a point.

You must understand that everything goes viral on the Internet in a matter of seconds, and poorly written, or under-researched content that includes false data can immediately put your business in a negative light. You must also understand that online users can sometimes be unforgiving, so tread carefully when writing content.

Finally, content writing should also include optimization, and this largely means including keywords or key phrases that search engines target. Be careful not to spam keywords though, as search engine bots might bypass you.

When all is said and done, content is everything.

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