Tips for Traveling Workers

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Tips for Traveling Workers

Brian Ferdinand Offers Top Tips for Traveling Workers

Long-term travel can be an exciting experience if you are prepared and have a bit of an adventurous spirit. Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, says that as you start to prepare for a long-term travel stay, the best thing to do is think ahead. Planning includes figuring out the type of experience you want and the type of accommodations you wish to book. For many travelers, especially pre-COVID-19, staying at a hotel was the first, and only, option they would consider. Hotels offered long-term stay travelers with adequate accommodations and amenities, but with added costs. Hotel laundry service, vending machines, lobby restaurants all provided these amenities, but with skyrocket costs. Even in extended stay hotels, the accommodations feel more like studio living, rather than home living.

Ferdinand says that residential rental units offer a completely different experience. These are high-end apartment homes and single-family homes in desirable urban locations in some of the country’s most exciting metropolitan cities – similar to hotels. The difference is in the amenities. For travelers on long-term stays, the idea of staying in a spacious unit complete with full size, fully stocked kitchens, master bedroom/bathroom, guest bedrooms, and living rooms with full entertainment centers and high-speed Wi-Fi makes all the difference in the world.

Another benefit of residential rental units, especially in the age of COVID-19, is the ease of social distancing. In hotels, guests must be mindful of their distance to others, wearing masks, or running into people who may not share the same health and safety protocols. In hotels, unless you stay in your room, strangers are all around – in the hotel gym, lobby, restaurant, and all other public spaces. Residential rental units provide a bit more isolation and less risk of running into people you don’t know. This is another critical aspect of creating and experiencing that level of comfort, even when staying in a different city.

Ferdinand adds that companies like his, SoBeNY, provide complete concierge services that can help travelers map out their new “home away from home” and locate all the services they may need during their stay. These include grocery stores, pharmacies, recommendations for the best Chinese food, sushi, or organic juice bar.

Ferdinand’s advice, in-line with planning, is order items (Amazon) you think you may need and have them delivered directly to the residential unit. And don’t be afraid to bring extra clothes as you will have full walk-in closets to hang your work clothes and play clothes.

When it comes to space, comfort, and safety, residential rentals are head and shoulders above other types of accommodations, especially for long-term travelers. Ferdinand says that having the ability to come home from work and relax as you would in your own home is invaluable and makes all the difference in the world. Residential rental units give the traveler the feeling of living in a different city rather than just visiting a different city, and that kind of experience is much more valuable.