Vacation Rentals

South Beach Vacation Rental, now Vacation Rentals, LLC  was started in 2010 when Miami local Michael Braverman created an internet savvy vacation rental real estate business. Ultimately finding a niche in Short Term Vacation Rentals, the company acquired owner operated rental properties in South Beach expanding rapidly into the broader Miami area.
In 2012, a brand was launched and Vacation Rentals LLC was unified to comprise all out booking services and websites allowing further expansion into Nashville, New Orleans, Denver, the Galapagos Islands, as well as other cities currently on the companies roadmaps. In late 2015 Brian Ferdinand joined the team as COO bringing 15 years of expertise as a NY technology entrepreneur.
Combining forces Ferdinand and President Michael Braverman envisioned expansion to premier properties in select vacation areas throughout the U.S. and abroad. South Beach Vacation Rentals now Vacation Rentals LLC, experienced team of associates work diligently developing their cutting edge website assuring secure access, superior efficiency and precise accuracy. Our computer management pricing system allows us to guarantee customers the best prices at the most desirable properties. Our maintenance team formula assures delivery of superior and consistent quality control. Client feedback and departure satisfaction checklists enable us to continually improve and provide our clients the best accommodations and services at the most competitive yet profitable rates. Vacation Rentals LLC ability to streamline while continually growing has left it with NO debt and operates profitability throughout its business operations. Its headquarters are in  Miami, Florida. With additional capital this revolutionary business model allows tremendous expansion possibilities.
Vacation Rentals, LLC targets the top vacation markets and offer a loyalty-building, branded alternative to traditional hotels and self-managed vacation homes represented similarly on AIRBNB,, VRBO, and other search services. Vacation Rentals, LLC is taking advantage of this newly formed rapidly growing market of Vacation Rental Property Management Companies to create a state of the art Vacation Rental Platform that leverages operating efficiencies through the use of state of the art industry technology allowing VacationRentals, LLC to have a large scale Management and Operating Platform as well as other Vacation Rental Platforms.